In any business, ongoing success depends on competent, committed people and work cultures that keep them engaged. At CHROs2Go, our team of HR leaders address the challenges to do just that at every stage in a company’s lifecycle -- from new ventures to traction and growth, to maturity, mergers, and acquisitions. Our team provides fresh solutions for human resources and team effectiveness anywhere it is needed in the world. Our clients reach out for CHRO advisory services in four key areas.

Create a foundation.

A solid HR foundation prevents wasted time, energy, and money. Legal compliance is certainly a key to that foundation but it is equally important to establish efficient and effective processes for all your HR/payroll operations. CHROs2Go provides advisory services such as HR audits, assessments, manager training, people strategy and ‘HR in a Box’ for those wanting to jumpstart (or reboot) their HR operations.

Solve an urgent need.

HR issues can build up in time, or they can seem to appear out of nowhere. When problems occur, they can affect your business operations, balance sheet, and reputation. Moreover, they can consume excessive time and energy. Resolving HR problems takes knowledge, skill and experience, and sensitivity to the unique needs of each situation. CHROs2Go provides business leaders with practical approaches to de-escalate problems, mitigate risk, instill trust, and address any root causes behind the urgent issues.

Leverage expertise.

Small and midsize businesses need HR expertise but they usually don’t need it 365 days/year. Rather than building expansive HR departments, businesses can leverage external HR leaders to increase their agility, lower their overhead expenses and control headcount. Moreover, engaging external experts accelerate the speed and maximize the impact of the HR solutions, enabling business leaders to stay focused on other business priorities. Our CHRO executive search provides recruitment and staffing services. Working with our CXO team, we offer HR on retainer and fractional-HR Officers and can serve as your HR executive search firm. We also offer specialized support for strategic planning and organization development.

Get better and keep getting better.

People are the growth engine of any business or its limiting factor. To stay competitive, businesses must steadily improve the capacity and performance of their largest investment: their workforce. Improvement can target critical processes such as recruiting, or high-impact groups such as managers, or the entire workforce and company culture. CHROs2Go’s assessments, training, coaching, and organization development solutions are customized to your needs to ensure you put the right talent in the right places; create an organization that perpetuates the right behaviors and to ensure your team has clarity and alignment on your vision, strategy, and immediate priorities.

Key Service Solutions

We offer a full suite of HR services. Learn more details about our specialized work in coaching and facilitation.

  • Outsourced HR, Recruiting and Payroll
  • Total Compensation Analysis/Planning
  • Claims/Grievance Investigations
  • Policies and Employee Handbooks
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Surveys for Engagement, D&I, Culture
  • Training and Teambuilding Programs
  • Change Management and OD
  • Succession Planning
  • Merger Due Diligence & Integration
  • Assessment Tools/Diagnostics