2Go Advisory Group provides C-level executives and board directors the talent, advice, and support they need on an “as needed” basis to design and execute flexible, expert, operational solutions for our customers.

Count on our C-suite team to help you customize a solution to fit your exact need. If your business lacks special expertise or capacity in-house to address a specific need, we’ll be there. If you seek a flexible solution to expand or enhance your in-house talent, we have it. Rather than working with both traditional consultants or recruiting firms simultaneously and separately, you have with us one source. We mesh both into an efficient team to execute with greater flexibility, coordination, efficiency and lower cost.

Our cross-functional C-level team collaborates to ensure every client gets comprehensive, coherent solutions that are timely and cost-effective and produce value for their business.

We have collaborated with clients for four decades and are committed to six pillars in every client relationship:

We have a deep commitment to be the best we can be in our professional services. We want to share with everyone we encounter how we work and why. By sharing our beliefs, we aim to hold ourselves accountable for setting expectations that are consistent and excellent.

Thus, we invite you to learn about the principles we call "Our Way".

Be Authentic: Build Meaningful Relationships

We balance being open and genuine with being candid and caring in all our relationships. Our work is not transactional. It is built on a combination of respect and rapport with people as we competently apply our skills to help others. We enjoy the people with whom we work. We do what we say and say what we do.

Be Valuable

We aim to be experts by applying competencies in all areas of executive operations. Building from our CFOs2Go expertise, we continuously deepen our expertise in all functions and maintain deep knowledge of industries and business situations. The same strategies that successfully produced industry and situational expertise in accounting and finance in CFOs2GO with consulting partners and recruiters. Through this expertise and competency, we anticipate and produce broad and deep solutions quickly and coherently. We design solutions to be both relevant today and in the future. We determine and agree with clients about what is valuable and aim to produce it reliably. Value is the standard of performance to achieve in all we do. We add value to each client and their projects, staying mindful of budgets and schedules. We are sensitive to the importance of working culture, dynamics, and strategies of organizations. We think creatively to find better ways to solve challenges in all our work. We protect the confidentiality of clients’ information as privileged. We contribute to protecting the public confidence in our industry with our participation and support of our professional associations and adherence to the professional code of ethics.

Be Flexible: Explore and Adapt

We know not all solutions require us. Versatile, we build solutions with other partners who have the requisite expertise or select contract staffing, or assign direct hires to meet client objectives. We recognize management is a team sport and adapt solutions and approaches to build consensus and ensure valuable results.

Be Open: Relentlessly Learn and Share

To maintain our deep bench strength in financial services and the industries we serve, we constantly stay abreast of changes and best practices. We are not pretentious. Instead, we stay open to learning and sharing what we learn with our partners and clients, to make us all smarter and more effective. We are committed to “permanent education” as professionals who love challenges. Continuous education, publishing our insights, and being thought leaders are pillars to staying competent.

Be Generous: Help, Help and Help Some More

Helping is our driving force. We are a positive force in our professional lives. We look for opportunities to contribute to our partners, our firm, our professional network, and our community. We provide full support to new members of our team to ensure they can develop and succeed smoothly and quickly. We evaluate what clients say they need, consider far-reaching options for their sustainable effectiveness, and offer out best thinking on their behalf. Our model of both direct advisors and the placement of candidates offers a uniquely flexible way to help in both customized and dynamic ways. We take no assignments for which we lack the expertise. Staying abreast of market standards, we refer work outside our scope to professionals to help our clients.

We encourage you to suggest ways we can deepen the ways we live “Our Way”.

Thanks for learning more about us.