Cleantech companies are disruptors, and proud of it. Your businesses are introducing new technologies and business models at an expanding rate. The success of your disruptive innovation often requires early stage protection, incentives or subsidies which will not exist forever. Consequently, you need experienced financial leadership to manage the evolving competitive landscape. At CFOs2GO we have deep industry experience and expertise in Energy, Water, Transportation, Recycling and other cleantech sectors to guide a business through the minefield of financial risks.

Specific cleantech focused support includes:

  • Strategic financial planning for changing regulations and competition
  • R&D financial modeling optimized for current tax incentives
  • Accounting and process controls for small projects to multi-million dollar capital plant construction
  • Cash planning and management

Whether your business is a cleantech service or product company, you are driven to produce financial returns and sustainability.

Our practice group has the resources to quickly respond to any challenge. Based on our experience, we can quickly assess the challenges, develop solutions and provide the resources to execute them. The consulting CFO can work alone or gather a team to execute a short-term crucial project.



Startups and Growing Companies


As a company grows, the financial management practices that served them well in the past begin to hamper further growth. We provide the insight and resources to re-engineer the financial processes to help management drive future growth, including strategic and tactical IT support from CIOs2GO.

Pivoting Companies


Changes in markets, policies and regulations require companies to change direction quickly to preserve the margins. This may entail restructuring the business or divesting a business unit. We work with companies to objectively review the options and make decisions that are consistent with their strategic objectives.

Capital Intensive Companies


When building a new plant or evaluating M&A activity there is tremendous pressure on staff to focus on the existing, day-to-day operations. We can provide the oversight and the interim accounting resources needed to cost-effectively get the work done; including evaluating acquisition targets, the subsequent due diligence and assist with the post-merger integration.


We advise and assist cleantech companies to:

  • Develop financial models for evaluating capital intensive projects, both for internal review and to present to the financial community (“bankable” models)
  • Prepare and present financial reporting packages for lenders and develop compliance calendars
  • Set up accounting processes and procedures for construction projects, provide interim staff to handle added workload for length of project
  • Financial system process improvements to enable existing staff to spend more time assisting forward-looking decision making and less time on prior period reporting
  • Analyze the financial impact of changing regulations and tax policies and work with management on strategic solutions
  • Facilitating business strategic planning sessions
  • Create rolling cash forecasts and cash management systems
  • Develop annual budgets and long-term strategic plans
  • Develop systems to capture Key Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  • Perform due diligence on acquisition targets, review divestiture candidates, post-merger integration
  • Analyze costs and identify issues related to restructuring/downsizing
  • Evaluate and source various financing options for new projects and liquidity needs


Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with clients who are pleased with our work. Here are examples of our work.

  • Worked with a start-up clean energy company to develop accounting system, treasury function and budgeting process. Successfully implemented these systems to manage the development activities in fourteen states.
  • Developed financial modeling and analysis for clean water company to evaluate various biosolids beneficial re-use capital projects, such as composting and pelletizing facilities.
  • Provided valuation analysis, due diligence and helped negotiate acquisition of biomass energy facility and separate power purchase agreement to realize over 30% return on investment.
  • Developed and implemented job cost and inventory management system for manufacturer of distributed generation units. System eliminated cost overruns and enabled more competitive pricing on future work.
  • Provided structuring analysis and helped negotiate covenants for bond offering and project financing. Developed system to track and comply with resultant debt covenants.
  • Developed and implemented Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 compliance documentation for utility affiliate.
  • Worked with CEO and outside attorney of clean energy company to design and implement two reductions-in-force during volatile business environment. Actions enabled company to reduce costs by $3 million and attain positive cash flow from operations.