Our advisors support clients who are committed to investing in talent development of their employees for both technical and management career ladders. Our coaching comes in two forms:1) working with both executives and individual contributors who aspire to deepen competencies and effectiveness, and 2) technical methods and skills that create consistent performance improvement and help fulfill the company mission.

Executive and Professional Coaching

The well-documented benefits of engaging coaches to develop your talent include:

  • Stronger ability to lead others and gain influence
  • Stronger top and bottom line results
  • Executive presence
  • Increased capacity to think critically and strategically
  • Enhanced productivity and engagement
  • Ability to manage competing priorities more effectively
  • Better stress management


Leadership capabilities can be groomed. We help professionals discover and develop personal competencies that insure sustainable success for themselves and their organizations. Our coaching practice begins with a clear understanding of the business strategy and the goals of the individual to be coached to meet them. Our coaches are certified to evaluate individuals for their strengths, developmental needs and career direction potential. We use a combination of diagnostic assessments and internal interviews to establish a baseline from which to then work on a customized professional development plan. Then, with skillful coaching and clear plans to provide professionals with experiences to round out their existing competencies, we help leaders to more quickly take on greater accountability and make greater contributions to their organizations. As professionals become aware of how they are viewed and what their impact on others is through the coaching process, they make informed choices about how to change and improve.

Typically, the process takes six months while a coach meets with a professional twice a month.

If you have a professional stepping into a new position who needs to insure solid and fast success, coaching is ideal. A manager who needs to define a leadership philosophy to succeed in a new company culture is a typical coaching opportunity, as is working with high potential performers so they can rapidly progress in their careers.

When individual contributing professionals need coaching to efficiently learn how to best harness technology, change methods or processes in real-time, revise processes or introduce new systems under time pressures, our coaches support them to accelerate their learning curves by “doing and coaching” at the same time. These specific opportunities allow an employee to learn by doing something new with less risk. The work is typically tied to a unique project and the timeline is unique to the work needed. Of course, technical coaching can easily dovetail into individual coaching as well. They are not mutually-exclusive and we are pleased to work with professionals in a combined way.

Programs for Inhouse Mentoring and Coaching


Our team designs, manages and trains internal teams in companies to provide coaching and mentoring within their companies. This includes customized program design and selection of software systems to integrate with existing HR performance systems to monitor the activities and progress. We train and prepare managers to be excellent mentors and coaches.