Expertise and fractional leadership for early-stage and mid-market companies

Our focus: Results

Top line revenue

Revenue and churn stability

Earnings and investor perception

Team optimization

Strategy and brand cohesion

Regional, channel and solution growth


  • Hyper-uncontrolled growth that is outpacing cash and earnings
  • Undefined approach to growth using a "seat of the pants" approach
  • Unprepared for a future event, including a liquidity event and or management succession


  • Flat or declining revenue trend with little or no understanding of why or how to fix it
  • Internally focused and product-centric, not market-centric and customer-focused
  • High customer attrition and low customer satisfaction
  • Ineffective and inefficient lead generation process


  • Team or departments are siloed and experiencing conflict
  • Low employee engagement, low productivity, and high turnover
  • Improper use of technology and tools
  • Unprepared for changing circumstances – COVID, economy, political, technological, societal


  • Business Analysis & Business Strategy
  • Marketing Research and Strategy Development
  • Pricing and Promotional Strategic Planning
  • Market Segmentation
  • Sales Channel Strategies
  • Positioning, Branding, and Messaging
  • Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation
  • Sales Planning Process Development
  • Sales Forecasting, Reporting, Pipeline Management
  • Performance Management & Compensation Plans
  • Sales Growth Consulting
  • Fractional Sales Leader, Fractional Sales Manager & Fractional Sales Executive
  • Sales Leadership Development and Teambuilding


  • Fractional leadership for Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Revenue Growth
    - Operational management and execution
    - Fractional Sales Management
  • - Revenue Growth Consulting
  • Consultative advice
    - Strategic, functional and organizational assessment
    - Situational and best practice recommendations
  • Staffing and placement
    - CRO Executive recruitment
    - Long term roles, short term and part time assignments
    - Sales executives, account managers, SDRs, marketing specialists
  • C-Suite integration
    - Full Advisory: Revenue, Operations, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources

Our revenue consultants are seasoned leaders, having held VP of Sales, VP of Marketing and revenue leadership roles in hyper-growth and enterprise organizations. Learn from their perspective.

Lindsey Anderson