As technology plays an essential role in all businesses’ success, CIOs2GO clients require a thoughtful systems approach to their internal solutions/operations and external digital products and services. We enable clients to focus on what matters most in their business by providing simple, reliable, innovative, and cost-conscious technology services and solutions. CIOs2GO helps you oversee the people, processes, and technologies of your business to ensure optimal delivery of outcomes that support your business goals.

Our team of CIO professionals work with clients to establish simple, effective technology and business strategies to align with business objectives and the voice of the customer. They deliver solid foundations upon which digital product solutions and services are deployed. Our team works with clients to establish and advocate an enterprise technology vision for stakeholders to understand and own. Our experienced Chief Information Officers provide strategic guidance and develop Information Technology leaders and create highly functional IT organizations that are tightly aligned to corporate objectives.

With our CIO advisory services, we provide leadership and technical expertise to clients of all types and in a wide range of technical capabilities, from creating foundational architecture, stabilizing existing technical operations to leading critical technology transformation.

Our CIO consulting services include four areas:

Interim/Fractional CIO Services — On-going Consulting Services — Security & Privacy Services

  • Interim management of IT staff, processes & systems operations (network, telephony, hardware operations, application support, etc.)
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • IT Strategy & Architecture Development (aligned to Business Objectives)
  • IT Skills Portfolio (staff assessment & recommendations)
  • Staff Recruitment & Augmentation
  • IT Organizational Assessment
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Vendor & Service Optimization

Selection & Implementation of Managed Services (Network, telephony, cloud providers, etc.)

  • Board Governance Guidance
  • CTO Technology Research (Robotics, Blockchain, Data Mining, AI, Drones, etc.)
  • On-going office technology support services

On-going Consulting Services for Development or Transformation Programs include:

  • Business Process Optimization & Automation
  • Technology selection & implementation
  • Platform Architecture & Design
  • Transformation of Legacy Systems to Cloud-based Solutions
  • New Systems Development & Deployments
    • Transactional: ERP, CRM, Finance, HR, Service, Legal, etc.
    • Tools: Office Automation, Performance, Documentation, etc.
    • Digital products: UI/UX Design
    • Telephony: IVR, Audio, Video Conferencing, etc.
  • Systems Integrations
    • Executive
    • Operational
    • Planning & Controls
    • Analytics
    • Data Management including data definition, warehousing, analytics, and reporting
    • Mining

Security, Privacy, Regulatory Services include:

  • Standards & Policies for IT operations, development & support
  • Establishment of IT reporting & governance practices
  • Security Strategy & practices
  • Security Assessments & Recommendations
  • Privacy Policy & Reporting

Key Service Solutions

We provide a wide array of services. From outsourced CIO advisory services to CIO executive search, we can help.

  • Fractional CIO
  • IT Strategy and Transformation
  • Security/Cybersecurity
  • Technology Leadership Assessments
  • Vendor Analysis

We collaborate with our leaders in all divisions of CFO, CRO, CHRO, COO and CXO - to ensure clients have integrated solutions. Regardless of the stage of company – from early-stage to large companies undergoing major transformation – we are qualified to ensure clients succeed.

Call to explore how we can support you with our specific need.