Our Accounting Services practice provides professional accounting, bookkeeping and financial record management for your business to fit your needs. 

Our services are flexible so to meet your specific needs. We offer in-house accounting support, on-site talent in your offices, temporary and full-time placements, based on what is best for you. We work with professionals; employers and candidates alike who are serious about business and deliver their best.  As opposed to high volume staffing companies that tend to push square pegs into round holes; we interview all our candidates and assess their expertise and match them to our clients and their precise technical needs and standards.

Our service team works with our wide range of clients -- from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and from established firms to start-ups. They understand the complexities and idiosyncrasies inherent in each work environment and our accounting and finance professionals work effectively within client finance or accounting departments or across functional departments and at all management levels.


Our Team

Chris Reynolds

Head of Internal Accounting

Leisan Safina