Family Offices are a special breed. Each is unique, based on the values and goals of the family. We understand the needs of thoughtful customization to support each family office from fundamental financial services to a wide array of requests for advice, facilitation on governance, strategy, talent acquisition and management support.

Forming a Family Office successfully, often requires a shift of mindset among family leaders. A family that has created their wealth from a business that they started and grew to major success, tends to think of their success in terms of that business only. Forming a Family Office requires family leaders to begin to think beyond that business alone and into other opportunities that their extraordinary wealth now affords them the opportunity to explore. This is not an inconsequential process and even the most sophisticated of families often require several years of family office operation to complete that mindset shift from parochial thought to a more inclusive philosophy which includes the business that made them wealthy but is no longer dominated by that original enterprise. In essence, the process is one where the now wealthy family grows into the broader reach of possibilities their wealth-enabled lives now afford them and they now think well beyond the needs and possibilities of their first successful enterprise.

Essential for every Family Office is to ensure accurate accounting, financial reporting and bill pay services to effectively manage a family’s affairs. Our CFOs2GO team of experienced, highly skilled accounting professionals provide these tasks for family offices, regardless of size or complexity in any geography.

Supplementing the essential work, our team addresses issues that distinguish your family office from those of other high-net-worth families. Differences among family offices are many, including investment policy and asset allocation, governance characteristics about who in the family may work in the family office, serve in executive positions, lead the family office, serve on an advisory panel, and who may be a beneficiary of family assets or who may, under certain circumstances, withdraw their share of assets and leave the family office behind.

Our team works with each family to develop and implement governance guidelines and policies to fulfill the family mission in all areas be they philanthropic, investment policy, participation in family decisions or other goals and processes that support the family objectives.

In addition, we can support the family office with risk mitigation and insurance programs, a family foundation to support specific philanthropic and educational activities, a private aviation program to facilitate secure and reliable transportation of family members and stakeholders and development of and implementation of family office legacy and succession planning to perpetuate the family philosophy and how family office assets will be deployed in support of that philosophy.