Most small businesses operate with limited resources. As a result, management often experiences financial management breakdowns due to under investment in the financial function while focusing limited resources in other areas of the business that are closer to revenue production. Breakdowns can reveal themselves as missed obligations, such as lax internal controls or untimely and inaccurate financial statements/data to outside users, or even threats to the business’ very existence from theft of critical business assets, tax liens from taxing authorities or forbearance letters from lenders. Small business leaders should find a balance between all the functional areas in the business to sustain the existence of the enterprise and to ensure its growth and profitability.

Our practice group co-leaders assess the unique financial management requirements of a small or family office business and assist management in customizing a “balanced” solution. The consulting CFO can design a comprehensive outsourced accounting solution to meet the needs of a small business. The solution can be a short-term project or take on important responsibilities during a long-term horizon. The solution can either enhance or reconstruct core functions like bookkeeping, payroll and receivables and payables management, as well as more robust accounting advisory services like financial reporting, budgeting and cash flow forecasting. It can even enhance your executive team with a seasoned Chief Financial Officer. Solutions beyond the basics provide financial insight and accounting advice to help you make better-informed decisions that lead to greater business efficiency and effectiveness.

Our experienced team of consulting CFOs and staffing services professionals provide a team of top-notch financial professionals who help make your business run more smoothly than ever before, enabling you to shift your focus from accounting and finance to business development and revenue growth without fear of financial management breakdowns.