Use Your Thinking Style to Guide Your Life and Work
The way we think makes a difference in how we address and solve problems, choose careers, develop relationships, and make decisions. This webinar outlines the types of thinking styles, helps you identify your personal orientation, and offers ways to build skills to improve, both personally and within group teams.Take a break for your personal development to:

  • Understand a new dimension of diversity as diversity of thought
  • Learn the four key styles of thinking
  • Identify the strengths and cautions with each style
  • Learn how diversity of thought affects team effectiveness and organizational performance
  • Discover tips and strategies for developing personal skills in elastic thinking
  • Explore recommendations for how to improve group and team performance with high-inclusion competencies and methods

Run Time: 27:04

Partner: Donna Hamlin
Practice Group: Agriculture Business, Cleantech, Consumer Products, Family Offices, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare and Life Science, International, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Professional Services, Real Estate Development and Construction, Small Business, Start-ups, Rapid Growth Companies and pre-IPO, Strategic Services
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