The Use of ERP Systems to Facilitate Planning

Chris Chillingworth, Rodney Smith, Donna Hamlin

As Financial Advisors, we look ahead and assist our clients to navigate the choppy waters of the future. We are often involved in strategic and tactical planning, capital raising, bank financing, streamlining systems, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, corporate governance, turnarounds and restructuring, succession planning and exit strategies. One of the most powerful tools used to facilitate planning is the Enterprise Resource and Planning system (ERP). Through the use of this tool, we:

  • Have a single point of truth throughout a company, integrating all of the otherwise disparate components such Purchasing, Production, Supply Chain Management, MRP & CRP, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, and Financial Planning and Reporting,
  • Have real-time accurate data which serves as the base case for planning going forward, at all levels of the enterprise, and
  • Each of the components tends to be robust, in its own right, allowing, for instance, in the case of Human Resources, to keep tabs on competitive salaries, benefits, equity compensation, training schedules, promotional opportunities, and insuring these are carried out in the most efficient way.

Our brief webinar addresses the many advantages of using an ERP system in a planning environment.