The Future Depends on How You Prepare

In the early days of AI development, we used to wryly say it was “artificial” Artificial Intelligence. We can’t say that now, as the development and expansion of opportunities are growing. It’s time to understand the potential and how to prepare for best practices with AI.

Watch the interview with our team of experts who share their insights and advice on how to best take advantage of AI in the future. Dr. Donna Hamlin, CEO of Boardwise, will moderate the discussion with panelists.

Panel of Experts

Brian Barnier

AI and Risk Management Advisor, Co-Founder Think.Design.Cyber


Jen McClure

Digital Transformation & Communications Expert

Managing Partner, CCOs2GO, The 2GO Advisory Group & Qualified Risk Director®

Tim Kapp

Digital Transformation & AI Strategist
Advantary Capital


Dr. Tony Drummond

Computational Scientist

U.C Berkeley’s Master of Molecular Sciences and Software Engineering Faculty