Previously, I wrote a post on what candidates should keep in mind regarding social media when pursuing a job search. The reason being that employers consult social media to learn more about the background of a candidate that may not be revealed in interviews, both good and bad, and use that information in deciding who to hire.

Companies Need to be Vigilant

My advice, that candidates should remain vigilant and proactive in managing their social media profile, is equally true for employers. Many companies are attempting to tap into social media through what is known as social recruiting to reach potential employees via advertisement of their positions. While candidates need to be mindful of how they are coming across on the web, companies also need to be conscious of their social footprint and the perception created of them on various sites, and actively manage these networks.

If you are old-school in your approach to recruiting, this may be puzzling. As their recruiter, I advise my client companies to review their websites as well as their social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I often get some quizzical looks as to how this fits into the recruiting process.

Company Culture is Key

From the recruiters stand point, I know the first place a potential new candidate will look once we have begun the process of presenting a position. That candidate will immediately visit your company’s website. They will look at the all the background on the company and read what they have to say about themselves. The next step will be to “Google” the company for whatever information may be floating on the internet. Why? Company culture remains one of the most important intangibles for a candidate to be able to say “yes” to your offer.

Millennials, who make up approximately 40% of the workforce, are as much interested in cultural fit as they are the in job description. They want to see what it is like to work there and what other employees have to say about their work experience. The candidate will undoubtedly take time to use LinkedIn or Facebook for potential connections. Again, “word of mouth” recommendations by current or former employees or former colleagues will be more trustworthy and helpful for candidates in the decision making process.

Consistency Across Social Media Builds Credibility

I have had the pleasure of working with many companies who have developed a thriving culture and are regarded as a great place to work. It is evident when I visit these companies and interview the executive staff, managers, and peers, that the team is committed to working as a united front. These companies have lived up to their mission statements. This becomes obvious when you read the LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter postings. If the social media feedback is uniform and consistent, it reinforces in a candidate’s mind that the company is a great place to work. It sure helps a recruiter appear truthful and knowledgeable in representing her client company to strong candidates who will be in the place to accept an offer…gladly.