While the title is not as endearing as is Harold and the Purple Crayon, there are similarities in the adventure of finding the ideal fit for professionals. It is one thing to find a competent person who can do the job. It is another to discern the perfect match between the highest and best use of a talented professional and the ease of fitting into the deeper culture and dynamics of a company.  Finding that magical blend is a bit like the trail Harold’s crayon takes: it is seldom a straight line.

There are ways to make it a smoother road to success. To start, we encourage clients to provide direct access to the hiring manager. It helps to listen to the manager describe what he or she needs, what the culture is like, what unique situations are in play within the business. It helps if the manager can provide a thumbnail sketch of the problems he or she has and what is needed to solve them. We don’t need the job description as much as “the image” for the role so we can craft the profile in a way the manager can tell us “You nailed it!” Next, we listen and learn more about the business. We ask questions. Is the role right? Should it be a Corporate Controller or a CFO? We discuss the long-term value of the role and weigh in on what role is best. When clients offer candid views about the subtleties of the culture, it helps. We talk to sales, marketing and other staff to determine what it is like to work there. Is there an open door style? Are work parameters clear? Are deadlines firm or flexible? Is the value of the role to find someone like the team or someone who brings a different perspective to shake things up?

With this, the challenge is on! Our goal is to find the ideal match every time. Nothing makes us happier than when we intuitively and instinctively get the perfect person – especially for a delicate and difficult need. Partnering to do this well is the key. As one client mentioned:

“You are such a unique firm! You get exactly what I need, even with the toughest situations. It’s become fun to call and give you my problem just to see what you can do with it!”

The CFOS2GO Group collaborates with clients to provide the best talent for financial roles as interim, supplemental and full-time positions. Our crayon is ready for a search adventure for any talent need you have.