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"Seasoned executive in business growth"

John is a Consulting CFO with deep experience in startups, SaaS technology, and the cannabis industry. With more than 30 years of experience in early stage companies, John helps clients solve difficult issues and grow their businesses.

John earned his CPA after university, where he earned his B.A. in Finance from Georgia State University. He served as the controller of a medical group after which he became a managing consultant at Ernst & Young. He next developed skills for working with early-stage startups as he directed the M&A team at a private equity-funded physician practice roll-up where he helped grow the company from $0 to $100M in three years. John’s strong interest in startups led him to co-found the first Internet-based industrial chemical exchange. He led this company through four rounds of venture financing until it was sold to the Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the NYSE.

He developed skills working with technology, healthcare analytics, hedge fund management and capital raising from seed to D rounds and secured his series 65 license.

The cannabis industry became John’s focus in 2016 when he became the CFO of a cannabis manufacturer in Oakland, California. The extraordinary pace of revenue growth of the company, doubling every year, got John hooked and he’s been focused on cannabis ever since.

He works with cultivators, oil manufacturers, edible manufacturers, distributors, and dispensaries helping them get their financial statements in order, manage bookkeepers and other ordinary course of issues, select technology, manage cash, deal with banking challenges, and raise capital.


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