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“I am passionate about helping others achieve success and rallying the troops to increase shareholder value. To do that, I balance my intuitive, service-oriented style with experience and tactical capabilities to get things done”

Lindsey brings our clients more than 30 years of experience in revenue leadership roles, primarily in technology, including software, SaaS, and hardware. In both CRO and VP Sales (and Marketing) experience with Seed, Series A and B startups, mid-size companies and global public companies.

As she developed and led revenue-focused teams for hardware firms, traditional software companies and SaaS organizations, she deepened her diverse understanding and skillset and capably works with sales teams to have a positive impact on revenue growth and predictability. This includes working with languishing companies as she leads and directs revenue operations through improved focus on the ideal customer, organizational structure, and implementation of key process shifts that produce significant positive change.

Lindsey was born and raised in Silicon Valley. She got early lessons in organizational leadership from her father, who would detail his day as an executive at Lockheed every night at the dinner table. By the time she entered college, she was well versed in most aspects of leading a large organization.

Before joining CROs2GO, Lindsey was asked to help Magnitude Software grow its business with its largest customers. Within 9 months, she had closed a $14M services deal with a large customer, which allowed the company to attract growth investment.

Some of Lindsey’s greatest successes include helping European companies enter the US market, scaling up a scale-out RDBMS business which led to a successful sale; establishing outbound sales and channels for an open-source platform provider, leading to overall revenue growth; and taking on a declining product line, shifting the Go-to-market strategy, streamlining operations and leading to a $40M increase in bookings the first year.

After years of success in Silicon Valley, Lindsey and her family relocated to Vashon Island, Washington, a peaceful outpost 20 minutes away from downtown Seattle where she enjoys some of the most beautiful hiking and paddleboarding locations in the world.


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