When we began our firm, we recognized most companies offered either interim consulting services or recruiting. We broke this mold and offered both!

Both-And Is Better

We believe 2Go Advisory Group produces better value for our clients by providing both consulting C-suite advisory services and talent acquisition recruiting services. Each option supports and enhances the other based on a client’s situation and requirement. This way, we assess and respond quickly and appropriately, based on client needs rather than what we have to sell.

Our hybrid approach creates a seamless service continuum. A consulting expert can be engaged to solve specific pressing matters and recruit full-time staff. Then, if warranted, the expert can transition to be a full-time executive as the company’s needs change and grow.

Rather than saddle a client with a more expensive consultant, 2Go Advisory Group can assign a consulting executive to handle the work required for their expertise while delegating less critical tasks to another appropriate team member.

In this way, we treat your project and budget the way we would treat our own.

Our CXOs2Go Team Offers Proven Recruiting Process and Reliable Results

We align our executive recruiters with our consulting advisors to ensure we find the ideal candidates. This tight collaboration provides access to industry and technical experts and ensures our search team understands the specific demands and fit for the role.

Consulting executives provide insight by assessing the complex technical skills required to arrive at the best possible candidates.

How do we reliably develop relationships with higher quality candidates?

  • Proprietary database of more than 50,000 up-to-date candidate relationships
  • Insights from more than 100,000 phone interviews and conversations with references
  • More than 10,000 face-to-face interviews

Our screening ensures a truer match to client needs based on vetting their job history, strengths and approach.

Our clients experience shorter recruiting cycles and lower overall hiring costs by diminishing hiring risks.

Contact us with your specific need and discover how we can help you!