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“Only the impossible is worth doing.” – Akong Rinpoche

Rachna is a qualified, experienced leader of financial strategies to facilitate an organization's ambitious growth plan. She brings to clients a proven ability to constantly challenge and improve existing processes and systems in business administration. She structures and negotiates transactions setting favorable terms with commercial and investment banks. Clients benefit from her track record of improving financial performance, heightened productivity and enhanced internal controls.

Not every financial executive seamlessly shifts gears to help lead through chaos while integrating merging companies, to turnaround underperforming business departments, or lead a cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives team. This is Rachna’s signature offering. She has an exceptional combination of an uncommon compliment of financial management expertise combined with strong business acumen. This allows her to view a business with a wide lens, then focus to connect the dots, identify business drivers, understand complex issues, take action, and drive results.

Rachna’s leadership grew as she advanced via promotions and responsibilities. Her roles took her beyond the boundaries of traditional financial executive and she has led many strategic initiatives, producing a positive impact on multiple business areas, driving down costs, increasing revenue, and improving the overall performance of various business departments. Rachna has evaluated and played a leadership role in many company transactions, including mergers, potential acquisitions and spins offs, with values ranging from $10 million to $2.7 billion dollars in assets. Most recently, as a CFO, she worked with the CEO and Board of Directors to develop a new leverage and purchase strategy, along with a financing strategy to deliver the objectives, including implementing process and new revenue channels of growth.

Rachna Singh earned her B.S. in 2011, her Master’s in Business Administration, with emphasis on accounting in 2013; along with a certificate of accounting from U.C. Berkeley.

Rachna is a board director and past president of the local SHRM chapter for the central valley of Fresno. She also serves as a volunteer leader Board of Directors and CFO, for CALTERRA  (California’s Tribal and nontribal Emergency response & Relief Agency), as well as a member of IMA The Association of Accounts and Financial Professionals in Business and CAL CPA.



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