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Katrina Montinola is an experienced technology executive and advisor with over 25 years of experience building and leading engineering teams in Silicon Valley. She offers deep expertise in software development strategies, recruiting top technical talent, managing onshore and offshore teams, and cultivating inclusive company cultures.

In addition to her extensive software engineering experience, Katrina is an AI specialist with certifications in Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms, Supervised Learning for Regression and Classification, Unsupervised Learning, Recommender Systems, and Natural Language Processing using Probabilistic, Sequence and Attention Models from DeepLearning.ai. She has also completed AI hackathons focused on 3D models, autonomous agents, zero-shot classification, multi-modal models, and other cutting-edge technologies.  She also writes software for AI startup Strategic Thinking Systems.

Katrina began her Silicon Valley career as a software engineer at Oracle, taking on engineering management roles and leading the development of Oracle’s first web server. She then gained broad experience across software startups and growth-stage companies. As VP of Engineering at early healthcare analytics firm Archimedes, Katrina built a 20+ person team and delivered a $15.6M grant project. 

Having witnessed firsthand how the Internet transformed business, Katrina recognized AI’s similarly disruptive potential early on. The rapid pace of AI innovation combined with proven business benefits make it imperative for companies to adopt AI now, before competitors do. With the right tools and guidance, AI can be integrated incrementally without disrupting operations. The insights, efficiencies and capabilities AI delivers will rapidly outweigh initial growing pains. 

Katrina leverages her extensive technical and AI expertise to guide clients in transformational yet pragmatic AI adoption. She provides strategic insights tailored to each client’s unique needs and objectives. With her guidance, companies can become AI leaders in their industries.

Katrina graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Information and Computer Science. She lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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