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"Collaboratively navigating with clients through complex challenges, crafting innovative strategies that unlock new pathways to success. Seamlessly intertwining strategic design and execution for the benefit of all stakeholders"

Glen is a seasoned executive with more than four decades of extensive experience in the banking sector, specializing in multi-bank executive management, de novo bank formation, capital markets, and regulatory order corrective action. With a proven track record of leading troubled banks to stability and profitability, negotiating successful M&A deals, and instilling a robust sales culture, Glen is a valuable asset for any organization seeking strategic guidance and operational expertise.

Throughout his career, Glen has excelled in fostering shareholder relations, diversifying revenue streams, and acquiring low-cost deposits. His expertise spans various facets of banking, including commercial and industrial lending, construction lending, commercial real estate lending, and treasury services. Notably, Glen has demonstrated proficiency in managing loan workouts for both lenders and borrowers, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of the lending landscape.

In his previous roles, Glen served as President, CEO, & Director of Gateway Bank, where he navigated significant challenges, resolved repurchase demands, and positioned the bank for sustainable growth. He successfully led a private capital raise of $10.8 million, revitalized the management team, and spearheaded operational improvements.

Moreover, Glen's leadership at Opportunity Bancshares in Richardson, TX, was instrumental in orchestrating a successful $200 million capital raise, enabling the company to pursue FDIC-assisted bank acquisitions. His adept negotiation skills and strategic vision were evident in securing commitments from private equity and hedge fund investors.

Furthermore, Glen's tenure at Vineyard National Bank during the tumultuous financial crisis of 2008 highlights his resilience and adept crisis management abilities. Collaborating closely with regulators, he restored liquidity, managed non-performing loans, and navigated the bank through the FDIC receivership process, showcasing his agility and commitment to organizational sustainability.

Glen's expertise extends beyond traditional banking roles. He provided invaluable finance and accounting services for Foster Lumber Yards, facilitating a lucrative sale significantly above the initial offer price. His ability to unlock embedded value and optimize business opportunities underscores his versatile skill set.

Glen's accomplishments also include the successful creation of Solano Bank and orchestrating its merger with The Vintage Bank, culminating in a profitable sale to Umpqua Bank. His strategic foresight, coupled with his ability to drive growth and maximize shareholder value, has been a hallmark of his career.

With his wealth of experience, strategic acumen, and demonstrated track record of success, Glen helps client organizations seeking transformative leadership and strategic guidance in the banking and financial services sector.

Glen is a graduate of Utah State University with a bachelor's degree in political science and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Utah. Committed to continuous learning and professional development, Glen attends numerous finance, accounting, and banking seminars, covering topics including factoring for commercial banks, effective strategies for restructuring and resolving troubled assets, low-cost deposit acquisition, design, and implementation of a banking sales culture, among others to enhance his industry expertise.

Glen resides in Napa, California, with his wife, who is a practicing residential real estate agent, demonstrating his deep ties to the community and his dedication to both personal and professional excellence.


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