CFOs2GO Partner, Accounting Operations

"A full-stack, execution-oriented financial professional."

Chris Reynolds is part controller, part accountant, a financial systems tinkerer and IT whisperer rolled into one. In today’s world of everything digital and online, Chris is the ideal consultant for businesses balancing, struggling to balance or even failing to balance the intricacies of technical accounting and the many online tools that often-obscure business insights for the sake of ease-of-use. He relishes accounting challenges that involve improvements in control systems and processes.

Chris serves as the Director of Operations, supporting the broad administrative and technology requirements of the 2GO Group. In this role he monitors, serving as a virtual “helpdesk” for personnel placed by the 2GO Group with clients, depending on the level of service requested. In addition, he supervises the customized outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services offered to clients of CFOs2GO and Accountants2GO.

Chris started college with an IT focus but was drawn to accounting while accumulating elective credits. Accounting offered something beyond the generally accepted black and white answers of debit and credit balancing.There was a clarity in being able to look at standard reports and have them make sense, to see how a business was performing and what pitfalls might lie in the future. “I was also very math-oriented and analytical.”

Following graduation with a degree in accounting, he worked for a mortgage broker, an IT company doing military installations in Iraq, H&R Block, and a major accounting firm (KPMG) before joining CFOs2GO in 2007. At KPMG, he worked in the tax department, doing trust tax work and handling customer tax inquiries.

At CFOs2GO, Chris quickly became the go-to guy for the entire team of CFOs2GO partners on financial system application and operation. He is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and experienced with all cloud-based, desktop and enterprise accounting systems.

Chris is a straight shooter. He tells it like it is, in a diplomatic and understandable manner, so that decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. As a hands-on manager, he’s responsible for A/P, A/R, Payroll, month-end financial reporting, establishing internal controls and maintaining the general ledger for a range of clients from small business to large international divisions. He builds, fixes and maintains accounting systems ensuring that they are properly constructed and maintained. Chris is a straightforward direct financial expert, his mantra is “provide value wherever you go.”


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