Wise governance is vital for SkyMirr’s mission to provide RFT innovation for solutions in Medical Device, Life Science, Satellite and Wireless Communications

MELBOURN, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2023 / — SkyMirr, Inc. (, an RF technology startup based in Florida, is pleased to welcome Dr. Donna Hamlin to its Board of Directors to provide guidance and oversite for its strategic agenda in growth and innovation based on RF technology solutions.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Donna Hamlin has joined our Board of Directors as our independent director. Donna is an accomplished global governance expert, experienced board member and executive with decades of international experience leading companies as an executive and board member.

She is CEO of Boardwise, Inc, a leading provider of global governance and management consulting support for clients in 53 countries and has a wealth of experience serving on boards in the US, Australia and Malaysia. Prior to that, she held executive officer corporate roles overseeing strategy, change management, marketing and human resources.

CEO Eric Jo notes: “Her background–combining strategic thinking for innovation and growth for our business with the checks and balances of good governance is a natural fit for SkyMirr. Our goal is to use our RF platform technology to improve reliability in communications, biomedical devices, life sciences and satellite systems. Her passion for bettering quality of life and reliable technology for vital uses, along with her proven track record of steering companies to success, will undoubtedly be invaluable to SkyMirr as we grow. She will bring diverse expertise and insight to our work. ”

“I am honored to serve and work with the impressive leaders and experts at SkyMirr. It is exciting to join SkyMirr, as it has exceptional potential as it brings valuable innovative improvements with RFT for vital needs in life science, health care, communications and satellite performance and security. It’s new antenna technology – Mulcat® -” will solve so many problems and improve quality of life for us all.” notes Donna.