By Marc Loupe, Agriculture and Wine Business Practice Leader

Seven years ago, 2Go Advisory Group, an experienced business consultancy partnership, established its Agriculture (Ag) and Wine Business Industry Practice Group to better serve the U.S. agricultural sector. Since then, the partnership has expanded its expertise in a wide range of agricultural sectors, including Aquatics, Ag Tech, Cannabis, Creameries, Dairies, Livestock, Wine (production, sales, and vineyard operations). This expansion was made possible by integrating existing partners from 2Go Advisory Group, acquiring new and experienced strategic partners, enhancing the partnership’s capabilities in C-Suite functional disciplines including accounting, finance, banking, mergers, acquisitions, sales, marketing, human capital management, information technology, and more.

As the Agricultural and Wine Practice Group leader, I am proud of the capable and experienced team we have assembled. Our team of experts, each of whom specialize in one or more different aspects of agriculture is represented by:

  • John Beasley: Cannabis. Extensive experience in all key strategic, operational, financial, accounting, legal and tax issues affecting the cannabis industry. John’s bio is here.
  • Chris Chillingworth: Financial Systems. Extensive experience in various ERP systems and integrated solutions, including AI, which can improve the productivity of an Ag-type enterprise. In addition, Chris coordinates CIO-level solutions with our strategic partners. He also leads our technical accounting issues across all industries. Chris’ bio is here.
  • Donna Hamlin: Governance, Strategy, Human Capital Management. Extensive experience in board governance, C-Suite strategic development and execution, leadership and performance management. Donna’s bio is here.
  • Jerry Johnson: Cleantech. Very relevant and practical experience in addressing sustainability in environmental conditions: today and tomorrow. Jerry’s bio is here.
  • Doug Kennedy and Seth Tuman: Doug and Seth lead our Family Office Practice Group and there is substantial crossover applicability to families that are grounded in Ag-centric activities, yet, they are able to leverage that foundation into other non-Ag financial opportunities. Doug’s bio is here and Seth’s bio is here.
  • Joe Markunas: M&A, including wine and livestock operations. Leads our multi-functional M&A teams, including the various aspects of due diligence processes, and multifunctional integration, including quality of earnings and confidential information memorandums. Joe’s bio is here.
  • Mike Mathews: Wine, spirits, and food finance operations. Impressive knowledge from large-scale operations to boutique-premium brands. Mike’s bio is here.
  • Katrina Montinola: Artificial Intelligence applications. An expert in AI across many industries with the knowledge to adapt to generic and Ag-specific processes. Kristina’s bio is here.
  • Jeff Ottoboni: Wine and spirits (including craft beer) operations. Extensive and proven hands-on strategic and operational experience to address all aspects of a business’s lifecycle. Jeff’s bio is here.
  • Chris Reynolds: Client Accounting Services. Extensive experience in designing, planning, and implementing accounting solutions irrespective of the size of a company’s operations. Chris’ bio is here.
  • Rachna Singh: Wine production and distribution, including coops. Strong experience in banking and wine production and distribution. Rachna’s bio is here.
  • Glen Terry: Extensive experience in providing financial services to wineries, grape growers, vineyard property acquisition, equipment financing, and related production chain sectors. His experience includes providing loan, deposit, and transactional services, as well as strategic advice on capitalization and financing structures. Glen’s bio is here.

Additionally, our Strategic Partners have substantial strategic, operational, financial, and compliance expertise in related Ag and Wine-centric sectors including BlackLine, CPA-related disciplines (compilations, reviews, audits and taxation), Off-shore Accounting Services (to assist our scalability opportunities), Salesforce design and Information Technology solutions (infrastructure, cyber security, networking, etc.) Environmental Sustainability and Governance (ESG), Ag-centric Supply Chain, and Debt and Equity funding.

We encourage you to reach out to me, or directly to any of our team partners to explore how the partnership may be able to engage and assist with your specific need or challenge.

You can find an overview of our Ag Practice Group here.

We are pioneers in fractional C-suite services based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the 2Go Advisory Group specializes in customizing solutions across executive functions. With over 35 years of experience, our multidisciplinary approach helps navigate change, enhance executive leadership, execute business strategy, and operate both domestically and internationally.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you in achieving your agricultural and related business goals.

About Marc Loupé

Marc Loupé is the Agriculture and Wine Business Practice leader of the 2GO Advisory Group. He brings more than 25 years of comprehensive global financial and operational management experience to our agricultural-based clients. He helps companies to integrate innovative methods and technologies, so they function effectively.

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