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"Putting clients and candidates at ease to get the best results."

Jodi is a consultative and empathetic recruiter. Partnering with a client, she defines both the environment and the position to find the best cultural and competent fit. She ensures a smooth process by enabling both employer and employee to be at ease and put their best feet forward.

Jodi is the Director of Recruiting Services for 2Go Advisory Group and co-leads the Health Services & Life Science practice group. She provides executive search and placement services for a variety of clients, applying her knowledge of international cultures and her multi-language fluency. Her career had a circuitous route – from living in France in college, to working with Ernst and Young, then pursuing healthcare and medical device sales before her recruiting work. This breadth explains why she succeeds at evaluating candidates and connecting people with positions.

Growing up the oldest of six, she started working at 14 years old at a local doctor’s office, where she developed a strong work ethic and became responsible and compassionate to those in need. Recruiting, like nursing, is about what is not spoken as much as what is revealed on both sides of the table. Her early work developed important skills. She interviewed and qualified patients into funded medical studies, putting people at ease in stressful situations, ensuring critical information was obtained and documented that literally could affect people’s lives. These necessary skills are equally vital in recruiting.

Her ease in situations – and knack for putting others at ease --opened opportunities. Early on, the President of the University of Portland tapped Jodi for fundraising efforts after observing her genuine and affable communication with important community members and donors. A past CFOs2GO client and treasured mentor, the CFO of PG&E finely honed her skills. The client was an early adopter of the virtual staffing model introduced by CFOs2GO and as a visionary. He recognized Jodi’s ability to ferret out the best talent. He was the first to tap her for recruiting permanent positions for his team and set her on the path for becoming the Director of Recruiting at the 2Go Advisory Group. The client understood how critical it was for the recruiter to know and understand the hiring manager and company to find the right fit. He trusted Jodi because of her demonstrated ability to read and assess candidates in relation to the company and the position. He knew he struck gold.

Empathetic, astute, and devoted to finding the best fit for both candidate and company, she embodies the compassionate, consultative recruiter. Her passion is the middle market, working directly with C-level executives as part of the team. Companies in high growth or transition stages are often in a tumultuous and chaotic state, needing quick and efficient results.

While most recruiting firms look at the business simply as a transactional numbers game, throwing as many candidates at a position until one stick. Jodi recognizes and capitalizes on the superior strategy of looking carefully at both the position and the candidate and finding a true fit. She takes time to research and build relationships. She has a dogged attention to detail and a commitment to spending time learning about the intricacies of the position and of the people in the company, going above and beyond. It requires integrity and a commitment to quality that not all recruiters possess.

A compassionate recruiter and consultant, Jodi strives to feed her soul and to give support to the community she calls home. She volunteers with the East Bay Leadership Council, which works to advocate on public policy issues that affect the economy and the quality of life of the east bay community. She joined to learn more about the community where she lives and works, but also to be an instrument of change. Developing as a leader, she serves on the Executive Committee responsible for developing membership in a more meaningful way. She also serves on the Salvation Army of Alameda County advisory board and co-founded a networking group to bring professional women together.



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