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“Helping clients that hit a revenue plateau climb to the next mountain.”

Grace’s record of success includes breaking down the silos between marketing, sales, and customer service teams to ensure cohesive efforts to drive incremental revenues, generating multi-million-dollar sales metrics, and refining branding tactics to optimize brand awareness and capitalize on new opportunities.

Over the last decade, Grace has been building top talent teams, designing scalable lead generation strategies, spearheading innovative marketing plans, and outperforming revenue goals. Her areas of expertise include executing on the company’s vision, serving as a catalyst for revenue growth, and designing sales playbooks to improve forecasting accuracy, and clearly emphasizing the value proposition during the customer journey. Grace has an MBA from Oakland University and specializes in strategically leading revenue-generating teams while ensuring positive customer experiences that drives account retention and satisfaction.

Grace has served on multiple executive teams and contributed as a vital member to the overall organization’s success and execution of its strategic objectives. She has led deployment of go-to-market strategies, been a key contributor to mergers and acquisitions, created demand generation teams from the ground up, and is an expert at revenue planning. Her breadth of experience spans startups and small to mid-sized organizations within SaaS, Healthcare, and Information Technology industries.

Those that have shared the board room with Grace will describe her as a people-first leader that builds collaborative teams and designs data-driven strategies to execute on unprecedented revenue growth and exceptional customer experiences.

Her leadership style is one that is a true servant leader. Supporting all her clients and team members in the full totality of their lives. Helping others achieve their goals motivates Grace to show up and be the best version of herself every day.

Grace is more than an ambitious revenue leader. She is a mom, a wife, and a driver of organizational change.

While not working, Grace enjoys spending quality time on the beach with her husband and daughter. You will also find her supporting her personal passions in advocating for women and promoting diversity and inclusion. 


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